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Home of Being13th

So the SEO thingy says 17 words is too LOW,

maybe i am just a man of few words did they think of that?
Yes, Being13th is a handle i have used on the internet for many many years.

No Being13th is not my real name, the fact name is used in the interest of protecting the not so innocent.
yes Friday the 13th is my favorite day, i am also a free mason.


I ride a Harley, and listen to country music, gangster rap, and heavy metal. I also drive a truck and grew riding horses.

Although I now live in a large metropolitan city i grew up in the country of a very small rural town that they’ve written songs about.

I took the path of a rebellious teen a far as I could. Now i live a pretty simple life, I don’t drink or do drugs, I do like Cuban cigars and Vaping.

I syndicate several blogs through this site for fun more than anything. So you might find articles ranging from the far left to the far right and everything in between.

Now that the lil SEO thingy says I am good to go I can stop writting.