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THE WORLD ECONOMY AND SELLING A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTOriginally Posted on December 30, 2014, last updated on February 13, 2016 and reposted on March 7, 2019

Selling a structured settlement in an economy that is crippled, could be more difficult. Selling your future payments or portions of your payments in a thriving economy could mean thousands of dollars more than In a difficult economy. So, if our economy is strong, the factoring companies are more generous and you will have more room to negotiate. They know you want to sell. The U.S. economy is coming back, but when?

What does the economy have to do with selling my structured settlements? Everything. With t the Euro – Asian economies ready to default they could temporarily bring our U.S. economy to the point of struggle, if not a double dip recesssion. If our U.S. economy does a complete nose dive,Like back in the Great depression. The factoring companies that buy your structured settlement for a lump sum, would be more desperate to exist, since they exist much as the banks do. The “lump-sum” that you would receive, in a “poor economy” would be less, because the factoring companies would need more of your money to exist, and the price is directly influenced by the Interest rates set by the IRS.

You know they need your money to exist. How long can you hold out for the right price? How are you – the average guy or gal – supposed to know about the IMF? The S&P 500? The Asian economy crisis??? You’re not. But, experienced professionals are…Professionals such as Eugene A. Ahtirski, Esq. Mr. Ahtirski can be located at the following links:


It is the mission of professionals such as like Eugene Ahtirski to “look out” out for the average American. 800 200 4384 call now toll free, for a free consultation.

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Buyer’s first right of refusal

By AFG Newswire Sept. 14, 2014 11:00 a.m.   What is Meant by “Buyer’s first right of refusal” in Structured Settlement Transfers   This is a clause written in the insurance code around 1999 under “urgency legislation” by Congress in an effort to protect the consumer.  Be grateful it is in the code, it protects you, and gives you the freedom to do business with whomever you want.   Before 1999, and for about 20 years, when a person would enter into contract with a Company, for example, Company “A” to sell part of their structured settlement, Company “A” would […]

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